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Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals

Animal Advocacy

February 16th 2015

Carnival season has started and again Marriott Amusements is giving away live bunnies and other animals as prizes for carnival games. Please call and email to let Marriott Amusements know this abuse in not welcome in the Phoenix Metro area. Please feel free to forward their responses to

Marriott Amusements
Fred Sanchez

Thank you for being a voice for the bunnies and other animals used as carnival novelties!

March 22rd, 2014

We have been notified that ShapeUp USA is hosting a carnival at WestWorld of Scottsdale, March 29 – 30, 2014. During this carnival they will be giving away live bunnies as prizes. They promoted that aspect of their event on the local news this morning. Please contact ShapeUp USA to ask they stop this inhumane practice. Please also contact the City of Scottsdale officials to ask them to stop this cruelty and to pass an ordinance prohibiting this from happening in the future. Please contact the venue, WestWorld, to ask them to prohibit this activity at the carnival. Please contact the sponsors to let them know this is going on and ask them to stop this activity (many may not know this will be happening). We know it is an emotional issue for those who care about stopping this inhumane practice but please keep your communication professional as it will be taken more seriously. Thank you for being a voice to stop this cruelty and inhumane activity that leads to the death of and abandonment of many innocent bunnies. Here is the contact information:

ShapeUp USA
Steinback, Executive Director of Shape Up US
Phone: 602-996-6300

City of Scottsdale Event Staff
Rick Kidder President & CEO (480)355-2709
Nikki Hoffman Manager of Programs & Connectivity Connectivity Events and Educational Programs
Anna Mineer Manager of Member Opportunities and Events Signature Events, Sponsorships

City of Scottsdale Officials
Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane
Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp
Vice Mayor Virginia Korte
Councilman Robert Littlefield
Councilwoman Linda Milhaven
Councilman Guy Phillips
Councilman Dennis Robbins
Mayor Jim Lane:
(480) 312-2433
(480) 312-2738 (fax)
Scottsdale Council Members:
(480) 312-2550
(480) 312-7885 (fax)

WestWorld of Scottsdale
480-312-6825 or
EJ Jones, Director
480-312-6831 or
Gloria Storms Ruiz, Business Manager
480-312-6807 or
Patricia Chapman, Event Booking & Contract Coordinator
480-312-6806 or
Jennifer Bowley, Management Analyst
480-312-6805 or

Sponsors of the event:
Scottsdale Living (Magazine)
Wells Fargo
ABC 15
Mega 104.3
101.1 The Beat
KFNX 1100
Green Living (Magazine)
Phoenix Coyotes
AZ Diamondbacks
12 k's of Christmas
Miss AZ Festival
North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce
Scottsdale Community College

Please contact the Judiciary Committee on Supporting Bill HB2020- Live Animal Prize Ban. See information below:

Please contact ALL of the below Judiciary Committee members and ask them to SUPPORT and HEAR HB2020-live animal prizes prohibited. Please keep your communication professional and brief. Focus on the issues. Some of the issues are the financial burden placed on Arizona shelters and on Arizona taxpayers due to animals being abandoned after an impulsive decision, encouraging animals to be seen as disposable novelties, rabbits are the 3rd most surrendered animal in the shelter system and are one of the most often used as prizes in carnival games, people bringing animals home without any preparation or education on care, animal neglect, abandonment and death after novelty wears off, etc.

If you have a personal experience at a carnival giving away animals as prizes, share it. Keep brief as possible. The following are the Judiciary Committee members who have the power to hear or kill the bill. Please contact each of them as soon as possible. The deadline for bills to be heard is almost over.

Eddie Farnsworth - Phone: 602-926-5735
John Allen - Phone: 602-926-4916
Lupe Contreras - Phone: 602-926-5284
Doris Goodale - Phone: 602-926-5408
Albert Hale - Phone: 602-926-4323
Ethan Orr - Phone: 602-926-3235
Martin Quezada - Phone: 602-926-5911
Justin Pierce - Phone: 602-926-5495

Thank you for being a voice for the bunnies! Please share! The more people who voice their support, the better the chances the bill will be heard in committee, at which time we will send a representative to be heard on the subject. Thank you so much!

Live Animals Given Away As Prizes By Local Carnival Company

Please help stop Frazier Shows from giving away live animals, including baby bunnies, birds and turtles as prizes in their carnival games. Frazier Carnivals is a Scottsdale, AZ based company that produces carnivals throughout the US. Part of their services includes carnival games, like the picture ring toss, in which live animals are the prizes. Get a ring on the rubber a duck, you win a baby bunny. We are asking they immediately cease the inhumane and cruel practice of giving live animals as prizes.

Earlier in May 2012 Frazier Shows was illegally offering baby bunnies as prizes at a Sante Fe, NM Carnival. See news story here:

Please contact Frazier Shows to express your concerns:

Frazier Shows
PO Box 5865
Scottsdale, AZ 85261
Phone: (602)684-0632

President/General Manager of Frazier Shows, Steve Broetsky:

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