Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals

About Binkytown:


Binkytown is our area for the bunnies of Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary.

We believe the bunnies deserve their own special place at the sanctuary
to call home while we search for their forever family.

  Every Binkytown Bunny has their own Rabitat.

  Each Rabitat is a minimum of 4 feet by 4 feet and is
  cleaned daily (including their litter box and water).

  Each bunny has their own:

* Soft Fleece Blanket (covering the floor of their room)

* Litter Box (with fresh hay 24 hours a day)

* Water Bowl

* Food Bowl (fresh veggies and high quality pellets - in limited amounts of course)
* Bunny Bed or an Extra Blanket (for a comfy place to sleep)

* A Willow Tent, Cardboard Box, or a Cottontail Cottage (to rest under)

* Toys
*** Every bunny receives a special treat each day as well. ***


      Binkytown also includes large
play areas for the bunnies to run and have fun.
Each bunny has a turn in one of the 8 play areas every day to help with their mind, body and spirit.

Sponsoring a Binkytown Bunny:

Be A Binkytown Sponsor and help build a bunny a brand new home!

A $100 donation provides a 1 Year Sponsorship which includes:

A 4’ x 4’ Rabitat with ample room to run, move and play
Litter box
Bowls for water and food
Bunny-safe toys to stimulate the mind and body
A willow tent to relax in, a soft bed and a Cottontail Cottage
Lots of bunny safe toys

A $25.00 donation provides a 3 month sponsorship which includes:

A wide variety of toys for your sponsor bunny and helps provide for his/her daily needs for 3 months.


An appropriate environment is crucial to the physical and emotional
well being of these highly intelligent and sensitive animals.

Help be a part of their Binkytown Journey –
the place where all bunnies are finally healthy, safe and happy.

Become a Bunny Sponsor!

3 Month Sponsorship: $25.00
6 Month Sponsorship: $50.00
9 Month Sponsorship: $75.00
1 Year Sponsorship: $100.00

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 480.406.7301 or email 

Some of our bunnies' sponsors enjoy sending care packages to their bunny. Below are just a few photos of the goodies our wonderful bunny sponsors have sent to their bunny friends.

For more photos visit Tranquility Trail's Facebook Page!

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