Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
Emergency Bunny Rescue

Photos taken from backyard in Phoenix on July 4, 2010

132 Bunnies Rescued from a Phoenix Backyard  
TTAS was contacted about a backyard situation out of control in Phoenix. After assessing the situation the Emergency Rescue Team began catching and separating the bunnies. Many bunnies were burrowed underground to escape the summer heat.  After two days of rounding up the bunnies the number was up to 107 bunnies. The final total after 3 bunnies gave birth is 132 bunnies. An Emergency Rescue Fund has been set-up and will be used exclusively for this rescue operation. Funds will be used for medical treatment, spay/neuters, food, housing and transportation. 

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone for all your amazing help with our Emergency Rescue of 132 bunnies! As of December 2011over half of 132 of the bunnies have been adopted and are in amazing, loving homes. Stop by Tranquility Trail and meet the wonderful backyard bunnies still looking for a forever home!

Updated List of Needed Supplies
Timothy Hay

Paper towels

Handheld brooms with dust pans

Hand sanitizer

Liquid hand soap

Brushes and combs

Ceramic or non-tip bowls

Medium and large garbage cans
Business size envelopes


1cc syringes

30 X-pens

Litter – Carefresh, Yesterday’s News or Wood Stove Pellets

  Rechargeable Shark type Vacuum

Gift card for hardware stores, grocery stores, Costco, Staples, gas stations

Copy paper

Toys for the bunnies

Printer cartridges for HP Color Laser Jet CP2025 (all colors)

Sponsor a Bunny  for 3 months - $25.00

Sponsor a spay/neuter surgery - $50.00

Sponsor a Bunny for 1 year - $100.00

Please feel free to contact us at: (480) 406-7301 or email: with any questions.

Thank you!  We sincerely appreciate your help and support!


or you can mail donations directly to the sanctuary:

Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary
7701 E. Gray Rd., Suite 6
Scottsdale, AZ  85260

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