Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
                                 Ways To Help The Bunnies

Help Make Halloween A Ghoulish Good Time For The Bunnies!

The bunnies are excited for Halloween! They love trick or treating and their Halloween haunted houses! Each October, the bunnies all get Trick or Treat bags on their houses. You can help the bunnies fill their Trick or Treat bags with bunny safe treats and fun toys to open on Halloween! You can also donate a spooktacular Haunted House for the bunnies to hang out in to help get them in the Halloween spirit!

Donate a yummy Halloween treat, toy or haunted house to your favorite bunny!

Halloween Treat/Toy
Name of Bunny


Tranquility Trail Video Contest!

Are you ready for a super fun contest to help the bunnies? We know so many of you are so creative and have amazing skills at making videos! We would love to have a library of videos to share that show people how awesome the bunnies of Tranquility Trail are! The contest is simple, make a video showing who Tranquility Trail is and what we do!

Here is a video example:

How the Video Contest works:
- Create a super fun video about Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary!
-You can use any of Tranquility Trail's images and text or you can take your own pictures at the sanctuary
-Post your video to our Facebook page or email the video to
-All videos will be posted on Tranquility Trail's Facebook and Twitter accounts for people to vote on
-Videos must be received by October 10th
-Voting ends October 15th
-The video that gets the most votes wins!
-Voting begins October 5th
- Share your video with all your friends, family and co-workers to get the most votes!
-First place video will be posted on all our social media accounts and our web sites
-First place video wins Tranquility Trail Souvenir Package!

Rules of the video contest:
Length of video - 30 seconds - 5 minutes
-Make the video fun and heartwarming!
-You are welcome to use any images or text from our web site and Facebook page or take your own pictures/videos at the sanctuary
-Videos must be received by October 10th
-Voting will be from October 10th - October 15th
-Contest ends October 15th
-The video that gets the most votes wins!
-Please do not use material that is the copyright and property of others.
-You give Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary the right of unlimited use and ownership of the video
-Be sure to include your name at the end of your video, for example: Video created and produced by John Smith (company names are welcome too)

We look forward to seeing and sharing all your incredible videos!


Have an old car, boat, trailer, recreational vehicle taking up space? How about donating it to Tranquility Trail! TTAS is now set-up with Cars 4 Causes which allows you to donate vehicles of any sort. You get a tax write-off and TTAS receives 70% of the value of the vehicle. They will even come and tow it away if it doesn't run!


Donation Box Campaign

We are always looking for more businesses that will allow us to place donation boxes by their cash registers. This campaign does not cost the business anything except a little counter space. The best places to position the donation boxes are at any location that deals with cash and has an employee nearby to keep a watchful eye over the coins. Coffee shops, donut shops, fast food restaurants, grocery store check out lines, convenience stores, banks, card shops, hair salons, and other places that deal with coins on a regular basis are ideal. If you have a connection at any business location, even one that doesn’t deal with coins regularly, feel free to place a jar there to show support on a wide basis around town. All you have to do is go to the business owners or managers, explain the cause, and ask for permission. Our volunteers will empty the boxes at a set time every week. 

Reportedly, there are over $10 Billion US in coins currently gathering dust as spare change in homes all across America.

If you would like to have a donation box placed at your company please contact us at 480-406-7301 or



Tranquility Trail T-shirts!

Colors: Violet, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Purple, Gray, Black & White (and also light and dark pink, which are not pictured here)

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL

 $9.99 (plus $4.99 for Priority Mail)




Use for Searching and Shopping

Each time you use to search the internet Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary will receive a donation from iGive. It simple and free! will also donate a percentage of each purchase made from their participating merchants. For more information please visit


We provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our bunnies at the sanctuary.  They require a lot of hay, litter, toys, beds, blankets, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, etc.  If you would like to make a donation to go towards the care of all our sanctuary bunnies, you can click the link below.  100% of it goes to the bunnies.  Thank you so much!

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