Happy Forever Family!

Happy Forever Family! We have super fantastic news! Our sweet little senior girl, Twilight, is now an official member of the incredible Tucker family! Twilight had a few dates with TTAS alum, Chance, and then an overnight date at his house. Both Twilight and Chance are 9 years old and recently lost their partners so we thought they might be a good match for each other. They had a few dates at TTAS and then an overnight date at Chance’s house. Once at Chance’s home, Twilight and Chance were never apart. They were bonded! At 9 years old, Twilight finally has a home of her very own. We know her sister, Hope, is smiling down from the Bridge, knowing Twilight has an amazing family. Out of the sadness of losing Hope a few months ago, comes the happiness of Twilight finding her forever family. Thank you so much to Chance and his incredible family for falling in love with Twilight! You’ve made our dream come true.