Discover the Wonderful World of Bunnies

Our 2021 Camp has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We look forward to hosting camp in 2022.

Summer Bunny Camp at Tranquility Trail

Summer Bunny Camp at Tranquility Trail is designed to teach children kindness, compassion and responsibility for all animals. Campers learn about making responsible decisions when adding a pet to the family.

Discover the wonderful world of bunnies

Campers experience the wonderful world of bunnies, including proper care, diet, socialization, bunny language, etc. Campers help to care for the bunnies at the sanctuary, choosing bunny buddies for each day.

Campers learn about where the sanctuary bunnies come from and what their stories are helping them to understand the role of an animal sanctuary. They make new friends, have tons of fun, learn lots of new things and learn about the importance of rescuing animals and giving them a second chance.